Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Bosten and I worked on a project together last week.  

I needed to get this quilt hung on the wall. 
Bosten took a couple of pictures of me holding it up so that I could see a couple of different heights.  They were blurry, but I wish I wouldn't have deleted them.  They actually were pretty helpful, blurry and all.

Here it is:

Pretty good work.

Bosten was really sick for about a week.  They thought it might be pneumonia, but thankfully it wasn't.  

Our little helper making pancakes.  He thinks he's big stuff doing it pretty much on his own.

This is a big week for Kaden.  He's getting baptized on Saturday.  

We are so proud of him.  

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Charity said...

Oh my goodness, this IS a big week for him! That is awesome. Good on you both for teaching him the right way to live. You guys are amazing parents.
The quilt is beautiful! I am not ashamed to say I envy that talent of yours!!