Sunday, October 19, 2014

harper's story...part 1

Harper's story started long before our crazy Oklahoma adventure. You know that we've been hoping/trying to adopt for five years.  We haven't talked about it much, but there were some major disappointments and heartaches along with several almosts.  At times, we were ready to throw in the towel but we knew in our hearts that we couldn't.

We've been talking with an attorney out of Mesa, Arizona for about the last year who facilitates adoptions mostly in Arkansas and Oklahoma with the Marshallese (Pacific Islands) community.  Evidently there is quite a large population of them living in those states...who knew.  This attorney served his mission in the Marshall Islands, and obviously speaks the language.  We heard about him from one of the adoption blogs that I read.  I emailed her for his contact information, and she hooked us up.  I talked via email with her, along with another family who used this attorney, to ask a million questions, get feedback, and as much information as we could about this option.  We actually had a match with him a year ago, but at the last minute, the way we were going to finance the adoption fell apart and we had no other option but to walk away.  It was really hard, to say the least.  

In the spring, we had heard rumors of the big changes coming to LDSFS, which scared us because we knew we were in trouble (we are older and already have 2 kids). We got serious about finding a way to make a private adoption happen.  We had two possible situations come up over the summer, but for different reasons they both didn't work out. 

Fast forward to September.  We got an email from the Arizona attorney saying that he had a possibility for us.  We were cautiously excited.  We thought we had approximately 3 weeks to get ready for the baby, and started quietly getting ready.  It was scary to involve the boys this time, but we felt pretty good about the possibility of this being our new baby girl.

Friday, October 3rd, I was awake at 5am by a phone call saying that the baby had been born and that we'd better get to Oklahoma.  (Kyle said he'd been awake since 3am and knew that today was the day.)  We jumped up and started throwing things together, booking airline tickets, making arrangements, etc. and were on the way to the airport by 10am.

We flew from Salt Lake to Denver, and had a layover. We got something to eat, and face timed with my parents in Australia.  The short layover ended up being a 2 hour delay.

We got to Tulsa at 8pm. We grabbed our luggage, and then discovered that our rental car reservation wasn't right and they were trying to fix it by putting us in a much smaller vehicle.  We were tired and getting grumpy, but after about 30 minutes or so,  it got worked out.  On the way to the car, Kaden happened to look over at the baggage claim area and noticed one of our suitcases.  I don't know how we'd missed it, but were so thankful that he had noticed it (and that it had happened to stop right where it needed to so that we would see it).  It was a tender mercy for sure.

We had a 3.5 hour drive to the middle of nowhere, to the small town where Harper was born.  We were on toll roads, so every time the boys would get to sleep, it would be time to stop and pay the toll.  So annoying! We finally got to the hotel and checked in around 12:30am.  We were all pretty wiped out, and crashed as soon as we got settled in the motel.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

sweet baby girl

Harper Malia Robb
October 3, 2014
Born in Oklahoma

More details coming soon. 


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

we are alive

We are alive. 
We have all been sick with nasty colds.
We have been super busy....more on that another time.

Anyway, we went and watched our cousin play volleyball one night.  
Super fun!

I'm working at the elementary school as a reading tutor.  I work 9-10:30 Monday-Thursday and have 3 classes (1st, 5th and 3rd).  I spend 30 minutes with each class and do whatever activity the teacher wants me to do.

Grandpa came to visit. It was fun having him here.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

go vikings

We went to the high school homecoming parade last week. Last year, I remember jackets. 
This year was stinking hot. 

Waiting for it to start.

For a Homecoming parade, we sure got a lot of loot!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

this and that

We helped clean the church a couple of weeks ago for FHE.

Bosten had a dental appointment. He did great (and watched a movie on those sweet glasses).

Bosten and I had a date one day when the Waffle Luv truck was in town.  We shared a waffle, but he informed me that next time I needed to get my own.

College football season is in full swing.  Both of our teams are off to a great start.
Go Cougars!

Go Beavers!

Busted. I found this stash of candy wrappers in Bosten's room (no wonder he needed a dental appointment!)
Little stinker.

I didn't realize I had a monkey. We played for a few minutes after school on Friday.
We are loving this fall weather!

We've been waiting to go see Dolphin Tale 2.  Kaden loved it, Bosten thought it "was just in the middle".

Thursday, September 4, 2014

first day of kindergarten

Bosten has been more than ready to start Kindergarten, and we've been counting down the days for weeks!
He wanted a new red tshirt and a red backpack.  Bet you can guess what his favorite color is!

We saw one of his friends at orientation.  We are bummed he's in the afternoon class.

They went for orientation Monday, had Tuesday and Wednesday off for assessments, and then really had his first day on Thursday.  He loved it, and didn't look back as he walked in the door.
He hasn't had to adjust at all.

A different story for Mom. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

first day of 3rd grade

Kaden started 3rd grade last week.  Its always a hard adjustment starting a new year, with a new teacher, etc.  We went in the week before school started, so that we could officially meet his teacher (she's in our ward, but he didn't really know her).

He's sporting a new tshirt and new shoes.

  This is actually pretty accurate....Kaden is cool and Bosten is being a goof.

He's off to a great start!